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Healthcare for Sex Workers
Prison Medicine
Orphan and Adoption Medicine
Homeless Care
Childbirth Injury
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Healthcare for Sex Workers

Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation

A non-profit corporation created to care for the physical and emotional needs of sex workers and the people who work in the adult entertainment industry.

European Network for HIV-STD Prevention in Prostitution

Europap is a network across 18 Western and Central European countries, linking over 400 specialist health projects, sex workers' projects and social support programs.

Prison Medicine

IDCR Report - Infectious Diseases in Corrections Report (formerly HEPP - HIV and Hepatitis Education Prison Project)

IDCR is a forum for correctional problem solving, and targets correctional administrators and HIV/AIDS and hepatitis care providers including physicians, nurses, outreach workers, and case managers.

Correctional Medicine Institute

Correctional Medicine Institute supports the healthcare education of all providers in correctional medicine. It is affiliated with Johns Hopkins University faculty and the Society for Correctional Physicians for its educational programs.

National Commission on Correctional Health Care

The mission of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care is to improve the quality of health care in jails, prisons and juvenile confinement facilities.

HIV/Hepatitis C in Prison Committee of California Prison Focus

HIP works on behalf of prisoners to fight for consistent access to quality medical care, including access to all new HIV and hepatitis C medications, diagnostic testing and combination therapies.

The Society of Correctional Physicians

The Society of Correctional Physicians provides a forum for the support, education, and professional development of physicians delivering health care in a correctional setting. It aims to promote, improve, and if necessary, defend the standards of care extended by its members.

Orphan and Adoption Medicine

Dr. Jane Aronson is a pediatrician specializing in adoption medicine. Her practice, International Pediatric Health Services, offers comprehensive primary pediatric care for all children as well as pediatric infectious disease consultations, and specialized services for children adopted from abroad.

Homeless Care

Women of Means

Women of Means provides safe, respectful, and barrier-free health care to women who are homeless or marginally housed in the City of Boston. Our volunteer physicians go directly into Women’s Shelters and Drop-In Centers to give pro bono, episodic care and distribute free, over-the-counter medical supplies to women who need our help.

See our article, Making a Home for Homeless Women, about Dr. Roseanna Means and her work with the homeless.

Health Care For All

Health Care For All is dedicated to making adequate and affordable health care accessible to everyone, regardless of income, social or economic status. They are particularly concerned about the most vulnerable members of society -- the uninsured, low-income elders, children, people with disabilities and newcomers to the country.

National Health Care for the Homeless Council

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council advocates for universal health care and for the improvement of current systems intended to serve people who are poor and homeless.

Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston

The mission of HHH is to promote health, hope, and dignity for Houston's homeless through accessible and comprehensive care. Medical services are provided in a community-oriented primary care model that also includes psychiatry and mental health counseling, dentistry, podiatry, TB testing, vision assistance, health education, information, and referral.

Health Care for Portland's Homeless

The Health Care for Portland's Homeless program provides walk-in services to homeless youth, families and single adults within the City of Portland. The services provided are comprehensive primary health care, substance abuse counseling/case management and mental health assessment intervention.

Health Care for the Homeless Program - New Orleans

The H.C.H.P. is a comprehensive program of services for the homeless in the New Orleans area, operated by the New Orleans Health Department.

Medical Advocates for Social Justice

The mission of Medical Advocates for Social Justice is to advocate for and facilitate access to timely and appropriate healthcare for all who have or are at risk of life-threatening endemic and epidemic infectious disease and who are disenfranchised from such access because of poverty and/or discrimination.

Homeless Healthcare Team - Southampton, UK

A specialist GP surgery for homeless people in Southampton who do not have their own GP. Also specialist mental health service for homeless people including assessment, administration of treatment and referrals if appropriate.

Homeless Healthcare Program - New Haven

A program that helps homeless individuals, families, children and runaways. They provide free outpatient health care services for the homeless and up to one year after permanent housing is found. Services are provided regardless of income and length of homelessness.

Homeless Healthcare Services - Downtown Washington, DC

Instructions for general healthcare, psychiatric services, substance abuse assistance, and winter weather assistance.

Healthcare for the Homeless - Sacramento County, Calif.

The Health Care for the Homeless program provides access to healthcare, health resources/referrals and education to homeless men, women and children.

Childbirth Injury

Fistula Hospital

A hospital dedicated to treating complications of obstructed labor, primarily vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistula, a large problem in regions of the world where healthcare is scarce. Catherine Hamlin, MD is the surgeon who maintains the hospital and is the driving force for providing care.

Worldwide Fund for Mothers Injured in Childbirth

WFMIC is dedicated to relieving the suffering of women with childbirth injury, especially the millions suffering from obstetric fistula in the poorer countries of the world.