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These articles have been published first on other sites. We are proud to reprint these stories of "angels in medicine."

Women confide in IRC's Sarah Mosley (left) and Julie Gubanja (right), who assist survivors of sexual violence. Photo: Bob Kitchen/The IRC. Rape victims receive support in Congo's war-torn North Kivu

When Marie (not her real name) was working in a field outside her home village in Congo's eastern North Kivu province, a man with an automatic rifle suddenly approached. Paralyzed with fear, the 20-year-old woman was dragged to the ground and brutally raped. After the attack, the man disappeared into the surrounding bush while Marie managed to get dressed and stagger home. more


Mother and child Donkeys in the Courtyard
from the GAIA Vaccine Foundation blog

We were talking about what Brown University students found when they came to work in the clinic in Sikoro, this summer. Besides the women who were too poor to pay the five dollars to deliver their babies in the clinic, besides the children taking care of children, and besides the lack of clean water and food. . . and they made songs that they sang and the students captured those songs on film. They sang about the children begging on the sidewalks, about the poverty bringing HIV to Sikoroni. more


Children in Sierra Leone The Global Action Foundation:
Dan Kelly and Dr. Mohamed Barrie

Born and raised in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, fourth year medical student Dan Kelly of Albert Einstein College of Medicine went to Sierra Leone, West Africa with the support of Albert Einstein Global Health Fellowship during his 3rd year of medical school. The problems he encountered in Sierra Leone were in need of solutions greater than immediate medical care. Dan chose not to wait to finish med school to start building that solution. more


Recent Sightings

October 30, 2008

Little job from God sends doctor to Malawi *** Oakland prosthetist gives Iraqi teenager reason to laugh again *** MCGHealth doctor travels 2800 miles to save lives *** more


September 19, 2008

Local nurse received humanitarian award for aid to Rwanda *** Cleft Center blessed *** Hospital ship ends its mission of mercy *** more

Jean Sawadogo looks about 9, but he is actually 18. His growth was stunted by HIV. The Baylor College of Medicine's International Pediatric AIDS Initiative is helping the teen.

September 12, 2008

Baylor's West African AIDS project perseveres *** Zeiter honored for healing eyes, charitable work *** Medical mission takes Air Force crews to Panama *** more

Eight-year-old Michelle Abrahams looks at her changed face in a mirror held by nurse Karli Symigton after her operation.

September 5, 2008

Giving the gift of a smile *** Medical Teams International helping with India floods *** Baylor expands its fight against AIDS to Tanzania *** Summer Stories - Daniel E. Rosan, Malawi *** Jet Airways lifts medicine, baby food for valley *** more


August 22, 2008

Mom, daughter lead Kenyan village in AIDS recovery *** Rwanda: Hospitalís Design Keeps Fresh Air in Mind *** Health gap plagues the rural poor *** more


August 15, 2008

Myanmar: Pregnant women a priority for health services *** Gasoline prices take toll on dental van program *** Fort Worth dentist wins humanitarian award *** more


Addressing Disparities: Resources for Mental Health

If you, a loved one, or your patients experience mental illness, here are some organizations that try to fill in the gap by disseminating information, posting helpful resources, and advocating for proper treatment. more


August 1, 2008

An Angolan-Israeli tale to warm hearts *** Climbing Kilimanjaro - Lodi optometrist raising funds by reaching African summit *** more


July 17, 2008

In North Korea, Colorado doctor makes history *** One Manís Life of Mission *** Nurse Gets Worldly View *** more


June 16, 2008

Annapolis doctors help Romanian teen walk again *** more


June 9, 2008

Physician travels to treat bomb injuries in Yemen *** Durham Doctor Brings Expertise, Medicines to Guyana *** more


June 2, 2008

Humanitarian Workers Perform Operations in the Sudan *** Doctors Without Borders work in Ethiopia *** Foreign Relief Workers Arrive in Burmese Delta *** more


May 28, 2008

Humanitarian aid provided to more than 1,600 Salvadorans *** Doctors to provide online consultations in war areas *** Doctor's mission: prevent disease after China quake *** more


May 12, 2008

California Nurse Opens Doors For Nurses Around the World *** New Missions System International Organizes Cyclone Relief Efforts *** more


March 10, 2008

Julius Monday's Good Fight *** The Saintly Doctor and Krishna's Curse *** Operation Smile Provides Free Surgery in Hinche, Haiti *** Africa Partnership Station delivers gift of hope to Ghana *** more


March 3, 2008

Project NiŮos provides basic health care to children living in Bolivian prisons with their incarcerated parents *** Operation Smile co-founders named Norfolk's First Citizens *** more


February 25, 2008

Nurse to Travel to Brazil *** Doctors are on a mission to bring healthcare to the underprivileged *** Dow Chemical and International Aid Announce Partnership to Address Global Safe Water Crisis *** Makerere gets Shs1.4b for immunisation campaign *** more


February 18, 2008

Crisis in Kenya Reveals Doctor's Kind Side *** Plastic surgeon rebuilds lives as he travels worldwide correcting facial deformities *** Spainís leading corporate foundation gives Ä4 million for child immunisation *** more


February 11, 2008

Two receive humanitarian awards from medical society *** Nepal's poor the focus for local medical student *** Doctors meet urgent needs in Iran *** more


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