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About Angels in Medicine

The genesis of this site began some years ago during a conversation with my good friend Russell W. Steele, MD, a pediatrician and jazz musician in New Orleans. He was telling me about a program he helped start, providing health care and counseling at a shelter for runaway teens. Residents and nurses donated time, drug companies donated medicine, and teens got treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other problems facing that group. I was so touched, I wanted to share his story, and others like his, with the world. My idea was that when others heard about this, they might be inspired to create similar programs appropriate to the populations they serve.

The series began on Medscape as "Angels in Our Midst." After a request for Angels went out in Medpulse, Medscape's weekly email, three editors -- Vicki Porter, Hope Vanderberg, and Zoe Gollogly -- enthusiastically wrote about some of the Angels readers shared with us.

This site continues and expands on this idea of featuring the incredible work people in healthcare do to improve the health of the world, especially those with little access to good care, such as teens, the homeless and indigent, the incarcerated, and so many of those in the less developed and war-torn parts of the globe.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us. Please share this site with others.

Harry Goldhagen

Angel Writers

Click here to read about all the volunteer writers for Angels in Medicine, including bios and contact information.

Advisory Board

Bill Silberg
Vice President, Publishing and Communications
New York Academy of Sciences
New York City

Russell W. Steele, MD
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans

Board of Directors

Laurel Ann Maurer
Suzuki Educator
Recording and Performing Artist

Mitchell Miller, PhD
Program Manager
Fairfax, VT

F. Kenneth Nelson, PhD
Lecturer and Research Scientist
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Yale University
New Haven

About the Editor

Harry Goldhagen began writing at a very young age, with such (unpublished) works as Cats in Space (1968), The Right Tool (1975), and a New York Times parody called The Loony (1976). After causing quite a ruckus while managing and editing Fornight, the ill-named, award-winning monthly magazine at SUNY Stony Brook, he went on to receive a B.S. in biochemisty and an M.S. in molecular biology (Einstein, da Bronx). But despite the heavy science education, he never lost the taste for the publishing industry.

Professionally, Harry has worked as a medical editor for more than 20 years, for such esteemed publications as Scientific American Medicine, Infections in Medicine (including the famous "Bug of the Month" series, by Larry Lutwick, MD -- OK, famous among IDs. . .), Medscape, Doctor's Guide, and most recently, Clinical Care Options - Hepatitis.

In his spare time, Harry takes photographs (which you can see at, records and videotapes classical concerts and indie films, and tends to his llamas. You can reach him at