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Dr. Meyer examining a young patient in Tanzania
orthopedic surgery
Steven J. Meyer, MD, Receives AAOS 2020 Humanitarian Award
The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgery honored Dr. Steven J. Meyer of Dakota Dunes, South Dakota for his more than 20 years of work in Tanzania, helping to "improve the human condition by alleviating suffering and supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need."
Woman washing her hands at a new handwashing station
EWB-USA: Handwashing Stations in Kampala, Uganda
Handwashing plays a vital role in reducing the spread of infectious diseases, including Covid-19. But a large proportion of the global population -- the World Bank estimates three billion -- does not have consistent access to soap and water. Engineers Without Borders USA is a hard-working group of volunteer engineers who partner with local communities to provide solutions to basic problems such as clean water, electricity and safe sanitary systems.
Two health workers with mother and child
Coronavirus in Peru: Update from Amazon Promise
Peru's coronavirus fatality rate is now the highest in the world, surpassing Belgium and exceeding even Brazil and the U.S. In Iquitos, Loreto Province, where the Amazon Promise office is located, the Regional Health Ministry estimates that over 4000 people have died from COVID-19.
Dr. Jill Hilty meeting with a mother and child in a refugee camp clinic
refugee care
From Refugee Camps to Seattle Streets
"I remember the tense atmosphere in our time at the border. The patients arrive under great distress. They are still in shock from what they had just witnessed or endured at the hands of the rebels. They are grateful to have survived, but their fear is palpable. I became very familiar with the brutality of war from witnessing their pain."
Nurse showing boy how to wash
Covid-19 in Brazil: Update from Médecins Sans Frontières in Amazonas
"When I arrived in Manaus, the grave diggers were working beyond capacity, all the hospital intensive care units were overflowing with dying patients, and there were lists with hundreds of severely sick patients waiting in health centres for an intensive care hospital bed to become free..."
Cervical Cancer Screening and COVID-19
Grounds for Health is introducing HPV self-sampling in poor coffee-growing regions to reduce exposure to the coronavirus.
Mother and child
women's health
Grounds for Health: Using Vinegar to Save Women's Lives
A nonprofit organization supported by the coffee industry advocates an ingenious, low-cost but effective alternative for early detection and treatment of cervical cancer, using humble vinegar and cotton swabs.
Project Access home pages
healthcare for the poor
Project Access: Coordinated Healthcare for the Uninsured Poor
Project Access is an initiative by the Buncombe County Medical Society to coordinate access to local healthcare for uninsured people who are not eligible for public assistance. It was an effort to systematize and manage the process of obtaining and delivering healthcare, thereby streamlining access for patients and doctors.
Volunteers in the Himilayas
rural medicine
Reaching New Heights: The Himalayan Health Exchange
Villages in the Himalayas of India are often isolated from the rest of the world for seven months at a time by heavy snows and avalanches. Residents of these areas have no access to nearby healthcare and must walk long distances to get to a clinic.
Haiti painting
tropical diseases
Multiple Hurdles in Treating Lymphatic Filariasis in Haiti
Individuals and health organizations have waged an ongoing war against this emblematic "disease of the poor." One such effort is the LF-elimination initiative directed by Father Tom Streit, affectionately known as Pere Tom, who directs the program under the auspices of the University of Notre Dame.
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